Youngdogs 2018 - Gold
Nescafé’s Grown Respectfully initiative, supports over a million coffee farmers — big and small. Though, they can't receive a sustainability certification because they have too many small suppliers for them to inspect them all.

Coffee farms are in exotic, #wanderlust destinations that millennials are already travelling to. So, why not connect the audience’s desire for unique travel experiences with Nescafé’s need to inspect plantations?

Co-ordinates of all Nescafé coffee suppliers are promoted on packaging and social to encourage anyone to go and experience. Travellers that take up the task will be compensated, all they need to do is share their photos, videos and observations with Nescafé.

Using Instagram geo-location search we can also target travellers who are already near plantations, encouraging them to add another stop along their travels.

An online map documents the impact Grown Respectfully has already made, as well as populates with information collected by travellers. Helping Nescafe create a completely transparent progress report of the Grown Respectfully initiative.

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